Mako Sica

Dual Horizon

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With their debut album, Dual Horizon, Mako Sica literally expand on the promise they showed on Mayday at Stobe -- and that is saying something, since that EP boasted tracks that lasted upward of 15 minutes. Here, the group, which features guitarist/vocalist Brent Fuscaldo along with percussionist Michael Kendrick and guitarist/trumpeter Przemyslaw Drazek, both formerly of the experimental band Rope, stretch out even further, giving themselves more room to show off their intuitive playing and textural flair. Dual Horizon’s major pieces, “I’itoi” and the 21-minute finale, “Dunes,” show why Mako Sica’s name (a Sioux Lakota Native American term meaning “bad land”) is so apt. These lengthy excursions are ever-changing terrain, with peaks and valleys that reveal the bandmembers’ eclectic pasts with avant-garde, jazz, and metal outfits. Fuscaldo and Drazek’s guitars touch on motifs that range from delicate to raging, from surf to Middle Eastern, with an organic flow; Kendrick’s percussion adds just the right complement at just the right time; and Fuscaldo’s vocalizing adds another eerie dimension to it all. The album’s middle track, the relatively brief “5th One Is the Dark,” offers a gentler palette cleanser between the two main courses, and reaffirms that Mako Sica are just as potent in short form as they are when they stretch. Though the band’s sound is unique, Dual Horizon’s dark meditations offer a lot to like for fans of Friends of Dean Martinez and Tortoise as well as Sunn 0))) and Jesu -- an impressive range indeed.

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