D.T.P. Demo 1986

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San Francisco's Sadus etched their name into the annals of heavy metal with their now legendary D.T.P. Demo (that's "death to posers," people), which, alongside Florida's Death and their Mutilation demo tape, and the Bay Area's own Possessed and their Seven Churches album, served to denote reigning thrash's imminent transition towards death metal. As such, the six tracks (as well as the pair from Sadus' second demo, 1987's Certain Death) remastered for this limited-edition CD, retain the core elements of speedy thrash, but then go on to inject it with an even more fierce attack, unprecedented technical execution, denser guitars and, most notably, non-musical (in this case scratchy) vocals that would become death metal's leading trademark. It also should be noted that many of these tracks eventually made it on to the band's first album, but for those who can find a way to get their hands on this rare release, there's nothing like the real thing, as they say.