Drummer on the Cover

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New York's Scout is a veteran group that has come a long way. With experience comes more confidence, and Drummer on the Cover shows a band more confident by leaps and bounds. Here they play a much more fluid, chiming power pop and light rock sound, with yearning vocals from the much improved Ashen Keilyn, hooky, stripped-down guitars by her and Brian Silverman, and sharp drumming by the talented Nigel Rawles -- who also recorded and mixed some of this. The best song, "No One Asked You," also features some minor but decent Rhodes by guest player Snyde. And the Beatles/Kinks "Getting Better" bounce of "Strangest Thing" is a nice '60s ripple as well. Delightful sounding, accomplished, and winsome but not twee, Scout deserves a strong indie deal and more media attention than so many around here have been getting.