Robert Carty

Dreaming Earth Water Memories

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Robert Carty is one of the most prolific musicians of all time, averaging about three releases per year for his career. Proliferation without quality -- in art -- is meaningless, but Carty does not have that problem. In fact, he has a much different problem. With so many outstanding releases, it is difficult to choose his best work. Dreaming Earth Water Memories is a strong candidate for that pick. This has all of the elements that make his music so attractive. His pastoral melodies are lush and they evoke vivid imagery. He surrounds those melodies with symphonic synthesizers and experimental textures. Subtle rhythms weave around and through the drones, providing a compliment and a pace. His didgeridoo drones raise the level and add drama. Carty's signature nature samples and field recordings compliment the soundscapes. On this disc, he adds a unique touch. His wordless chants take the atmospheres to the next level. Melodies, symphonic synths, rhythms, drones, didgeridoos, samples, and chants roam through, around, above, and below each other to create a very deft soundscape. Over the years, Carty has worked to create a distinct and unique sound. In the new millennium, he has achieved that. However, in terms of emotional response, this CD will appeal to fans of Steve Roach, Ma Ja Le, Kelly David, and Terra Ambient.