The Doors

Down the Rivers and Highways

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While even weak-sounding Doors bootlegs have their archival value, this is one of the weakest sounding of them all. Ten of the 12 tracks are taken from two gigs, one from San Bernardino on December 16, 1967, and the other from Santa Clara on July 9, 1967. The sound quality for the San Bernardino portion is atrocious, even by bootleg standards. Obviously it was recorded by someone in the audience, but what's even more bothersome is that the vocals are muffled and barely audible, though the instruments actually come through with some presence. This makes it useful only for fans committed to collecting every Doors performance ever taped for comparison purposes, though the band plays OK, including a version of "Light My Fire" (which doesn't show up on as many Doors bootlegs as you'd think) and, much more weirdly, "Horse Latitudes." The fidelity on the Santa Clara segment is better but still bad, and since other, much better recorded live versions of all of the songs have shown up on official or bootleg releases, it's unimportant. The version of "Light My Fire" from Denver in 1967 is actually better sounding than the rest of the CD, but it's still muffled, and the performance seems a little blasé. The disc limps to a halt with a tinny cover of "Rock Me," taken from a 1970 show.