John Bischoff


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This composition creates a "space" for separate software processes designed by each composer to "speak and respond to each other." This procedure is similar to the pieces that these composers, together with Chris Brown, Scot Gresham-Lancaster, and Phil Stone, designed for a live performance group called the Hub which played works for interconnected, intermodulating microcomputers, like differing personalities meeting in a society. In this particular work, John Bischoff created a "master rhythmic process which is computed live and transmitted to other players. The others search for patterns in this input, and play phrases determined by this analysis"; thus the title. The particular sound of this piece is always varying of course, but its overall personality is built of layers of fascinating rhythmic complexes of mostly mid-range tones built on simple electronic waveforms that spread antiphonally throughout the concert space. The bursts of activity are separated by pauses. There is a sense of humor, gentility, and the future.