Richard Thompson

Doom and Gloom II (Over My Dead Body)

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Another interesting collection of rarities produced by the Richard Thompson fanzine Flypaper, Doom and Gloom II contains 15 tracks, more of them given over to Thompson's solo career of the 1980s and '90s, though there are also recordings dating back to Fairport Convention and the duo of Richard and Linda Thompson. Highlights include: a cover of Hank Williams's "Mind Your Own Business" with vocals shared by Thompson, Clive Gregson, and Christine Collister; "Bad News Is All the Wind Can Carry," from Thompson's first early-'70s solo demo tape (Thompson said the song could be used for this album "over my dead body." "He relented," writes compiler Frank Kornelussen, "we got the song and our title."); and the first Fairport Convention performance of "Who Knows Where the Time Goes." The Flypaper releases are intended for fans: The sound quality is sometimes only passable, and the songs are often familiar ones made distinctive by their rarity. (The tape even includes a notation asking that it not be reviewed, a request we might honor if it were being given away free.) Casual fans don't need to bother, but hardcore fans do. Write to Flypaper, P.O. Box 516, Middle Village, NY 11379.