Victor Mizzy

Don't Make Waves & Penelope

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Some film scores contain an instrumentation and beauty that remains timeless. Many others, though, end up hopelessly trapped in the era from which they came. Two such attempts to latch on to contemporary '60s sounds make their CD debut on this recording. Don't Make Waves opens with a forgettable Byrds song, then launches into Vic Mizzy's bubbly score. Several tracks, "Daybreak at Malibu" in particular, maintain a catchy surf beat, while others function as more traditional (though still identifiably '60s) underscore. From the Venetian sounds of "Stradella" to the go-go rock of "Zip, Zip," Mizzy works through variations of several basic themes, giving the score a variety that makes it a fresh, entertaining, if dated, listen. The second half of the disc is dedicated to the score for a justifiably forgotten Natalie Wood comedy titled Penelope. Johnny Williams (maturely known later in his career as John Williams) provides a signature melody, introduced in the fluffy title tune, then a secondary theme, which is first heard in "Poolside." The remaining tracks mainly consist of rehashes of those two melodies with some variation. Only "The Mad Professor" contains any real portents of the Williams style to come. It's a suitably frantic piece containing echoes of his score for Irwin Allen's Time Tunnel television show. Another vocal track from Penelope, "The Sun Is Grey," is sung by Natalie Wood herself. It's a testament to the reason her voice was dubbed (by Marni Nixon) in West Side Story. Bless her heart, she tries her best.

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