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On 1998's Domination, Philippine rappers Gloc 9 and Hi-Jakkk team together to let everyone know that whoever doesn't respect them will be annihilated, laid to rest by Gloc 9 and Hi-Jakkk themselves. The rappers let it be known that their goal is total domination of everyone and everything. The rappers present some interesting, even darkly poetic observations to accompany their angst, all the while calling themselves prophets and the judges of who are bad or good. On "Dasal" (Rosary), the rappers acknowledge that it is difficult to resist temptation, even while praying the rosary, but stress that the strength needed to fight evil can be found in each rosary bead. On "Isang Araw Walang Dios" (One Day Without God), the rappers ask people to imagine a world without God, when all would be dark and meaningless. Most songs on the album do not have a religious theme, but depth can be found in the other lyrics as well. Musically, the songs are all built on a slow, back-and-forth chord structure, and this, unfortunately, gets tedious after awhile. More imagination needed to be shown in the instrumentation, as the lack of it hurts the overall presentation.