Luv Rokambo

Do the Glimpse

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Toru Yoneyama and Osam Kato's third CD-R for Public Eyesore as the duo Luv Rokambo, Do the Glimpse shows no noticeable improvement from 2001's Maze. The latter already documented the unit's fast growth; one could not expect the same increment a second time in a row. Luv Rokambo still rides many experimental ponies at once: Non-idiomatic free improv, the Acid Mothers Temple's psychedelic freakout jams, and Naturaliste's anarchic noise all come to mind at various points, but these influences are not integrated into a whole. Rather, they are episodically visited. The sound quality is barely a notch above previous recordings, which means that it still lacks clarity to let listeners scrutinize all the subtleties (even though the word seems a little strong) of the musicians' interplay. They use their voice to good avail, but it remains buried in the mix. "Lament" opens the set with a nice improv, including some clever use of toys. The other highlight is "Drupe," a merciless guitar barrage with a surprising finale. There is something uncomfortable in Luv Rokambo's music, even for seasoned noise/improv/avant-garde listeners. Genuine artistic intention and raw talent are shrouded by amateurishness. Determining whether that is intentional or not is the difficult part. One minute you think this group has tremendous potential, the next you're ready to say it's rubbish.