The C.A.U.S.E.

Do Something Now!

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By the time the CAUSE (Christian Artists United to Save the Earth) was formed in 1985 to record "Do Something Now!," the proceeds of which were donated to Compassion International to raise money for African famine relief, the "We Are the World" phenomenon was becoming a rock music cliché. Massive collections of music stars had already been assembled for Live Aid, Farm Aid, Band Aid, and Hands Across America. As usual, the Christian Contemporary Music industry was lagging behind the secular scene, producing a Christianized imitation rather than taking a genuinely innovative approach to the creative process. This did not escape the attention of the CAUSE's promoters, who acknowledged in the liner notes that "a lot of musicians have jumped on the 'aid' bandwagon in the last few years," noting that it had become "chic to do benefit concerts and to get involved with world causes." But weren't these CCM stars trendy bandwagon jumpers themselves? Of course not. "It isn't the cool thing to do anymore," the liner notes argue defensively; the CAUSE were fashionably late, setting the trend all over again. In any case, "Do Something Now" was a pretty good imitation, featuring soaring vocal solos by Sandi Patti, Russ Taff, Phil Keaggy, and co-writer Steve Camp. The B-side of this 12" single is an advertisement for the cause, intersplicing clips of the song with testimonials from the participating artists.