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DJ-Kicks Review

by Rick Anderson

With a DJ mix program, there's always a very fine line to be navigated: it's the one that separates seamlessness from monotony. On the one hand, you want the tracks to flow cleanly from one into the other, which implies the necessity of careful beat matching and artful use of the fader -- but a consistent tempo means the risk of tedium. Lock yourself into a specific style (house or dubstep or techno) for 76 minutes and you compound the risk of boring everyone in the room. DJ Scuba is a master at avoiding that problem. Despite having made his name on the dubstep scene, Scuba roams all over the place on his contribution to the DJ-Kicks series, hinting at his roots more than embracing them. The 32 tracks presented here range from thumpy house (Sigha's "Let Me In," Arkist's pretty but rather tedious "Rendez-Vous [SCB Edit]") to juddering dubstep (Badawi's "Lost Highway [Incyde Remix]," Sigha's "Where I Come to Forget") with stops along the way in neighborhoods that are harder to identify: Braille's "Breakup" incorporates slippery beats and orchestral synthesizers to weird and fascinating effect, while Scuba himself and Jichael Mackson both contribute examples of what can really only be called meat-and-potatoes electro-funk. Throughout it all runs a deeply dubwise aesthetic: vocals are used only in scraps and as decoration, while booming echo and infinitely regressive delay define enormous sonic spaces. Scuba has achieved something hard to define with this mix program, and that's part of what makes it so enjoyable.

Track Listing

Sample Title/Composer Performer Time Stream
1 Scuba feat: Sigha 01:04
2 Scuba feat: Surgeon 01:55
3 Scuba feat: dBridge 01:56
4 Scuba feat: Badawi 01:27
Scuba feat: Peverelist 02:54
6 Scuba feat: Until Silence 01:56
Scuba feat: Addison Groove 01:57
Scuba feat: Roska 01:57
Scuba feat: Trevino 01:57
10 Scuba feat: Beaumont 01:57
11 Scuba feat: Function / Jerome Sydenham 02:27
12 Scuba feat: Braille 03:55
13 Scuba feat: Quest 02:00
14 Scuba feat: Sigha 02:20
15 Scuba feat: George FitzGerald 02:13
Scuba feat: Jon Convex 02:44
17 Scuba feat: Mr Beatnick 02:44
18 Scuba feat: Boddika 01:29
19 Scuba feat: Marcel Dettmann 01:29
Scuba feat: Arkist 04:15
21 Scuba feat: Locked Groove 02:00
Scuba feat: Recloose 03:31
23 Scuba feat: Sigha 00:44
24 Scuba feat: Sex Worker 03:02
Scuba 03:17
26 Scuba feat: Jichael Mackson 03:17
27 Scuba feat: Rivet 01:15
28 Scuba feat: Recondite 02:40
29 Scuba feat: Ludovic Vendi 03:13
30 Scuba feat: Rivet 01:22
31 Scuba 04:39 Amazon
32 Scuba feat: Sepalcure 02:07
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