DJ Kaori

DJ Kaori's Inmix IV

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Continuing her dominance in the Tokyo club scene, Inmix IV is another entry from top club DJ Kaori collecting contemporary hits from the American R&B scene for a dance club reworking. As with her other mixtapes, the tracks are for the most part left unmixed, with the attention mostly given to the selection, flow, and transitions between songs. A few items are remixed a bit here, however, with a touch more dance energy than they had prior to the remix. Beyond the simple bits of dance-thump that are infused as needed, the turn of sound taken in American R&B is shown off here. Whereas Kaori's 2006 installation of Inmix (Inmix II) had fewer transition mixes and only standard beat juggling efforts, there's a greater emphasis placed here on production elements -- both for Kaori (in terms of her beat juggling and mixing effects) and in the original tracks themselves (as Auto-tunes and its distortions became more desired effects). The bumps still sound fresh for a mixtape, and the transitions are always tight. Of course, the stars of the show are the original artists here (as they should be on a mixtape), but Kaori adds the element of expertise and puts together an excellent little club album.