Tony Molina

Dissed and Dismissed

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If you're the kind of person who thinks that Guided by Voices songs from the early '90s were too long, or that Teenage Fanclub fannied around too much with things like bridges and dynamics, or that Weezer spends too much time these days on cruise ships, then Tony Molina knows exactly what you are looking for. His debut album, Dissed and Dismissed, runs through 12 songs in 12 minutes, with each one a perfectly formed nugget of loud guitar pop that is sure to put an incredulous grin on your face. Some of the songs have a verse, then a chorus, then a guitar solo. Some have a verse and a guitar solo. Some have riffs, a verse, and a solo. A couple forsake noise entirely in favor of a lone acoustic guitar. One is a cover of GBV's "Wondering Boy Poet," from 1993's Vampire on Titus, just in case you didn't get where he was coming from. A couple songs sound like TFC covering Big Star with the Fastbacks' Kurt Bloch on guitar, unfurling concise classical metal solos that would be ridiculous if they weren't so perfect. Actually, they're all like that, with huge hooks, an impressively overloaded guitar sound that touches on metal in the poppiest way possible, and Molina's sweetly mopey voice buried in the mix singing lovelorn lyrics that would get him kicked out of the hardcore bands he plays in concurrently. The record is over too fast; you want there to be more songs like "Can't Believe" and "Don't Come Back" because, even as brief as they are, they're the kind of songs that reinforce just how good loud guitars, ripping solos, and sad melodies sound when they're in the hands of someone who knows exactly what to do with them. Dissed is the kind of record that feels like it came out of nowhere to blow minds, and even though you can trace it clearly when you check out his previous work with the band Ovens or early solo recordings, it trumpets Molina's arrival with 12 short blasts of perfection.

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