Far East Movement

Dirty Bass

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Dirty Bass Review

by David Jeffries

Combining the sounds of LMFAO, the Black Eyed Peas, Kesha, and Justin Bieber into one big ball of glitter-mash, the techno-teen-pop group Far East Movement don't care for being sensible, well-rounded, or anything but a big explosion of fireworks in the sky, but on their second effort, they're still workin' it. Dirty Bass might lack something as hooky and instantly accessible as their calling-card hit "Like a G6," but it moves fast like a 2012 action movie, it's about as kinetic as any twitchy video game, and it gives up some amazing moments here and there, including the bleepy and Bieber "Live My Life," where the teen heartthrob guest stars, and also where the line "Girl move it like Pilates, put your head where your knee at" seems perfectly at home. "Ain't Coming Down" presents the new paranoid style of partying with the ridiculous "I got a crazy feeling like, something's going down/Everybody's jumpin', brass monkey to the sound," while "Turn Up the Love" shamelessly puts its own needs first with "I can give you anything you want/Make sure you never go to bed alone" before mentioning the more traditional candy, flowers, and romantic vacation. None of this should matter to Dirty Bass' target audience with packed dancefloors and teen weekends remaining the album's driving motivation, but past Bieber and guest shots from Tyga, Flo Rida, Pitbull, and maybe Cassie, the album is strictly B-list when it comes to guests. The lack of a mammoth key track hurts too, although with big names like LMFAO, RedOne, and Stereotypes on the production, you can shift your attention to the exciting music at any time. Call this one a fair junior-high party, decent pre-mall music, or the guiltiest of over the top pleasures.

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