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The Anti Group Conspiracy (or Collective or Communications), an offshoot of Clock DVA, was started by Adi Newton of that band to delve into much more experimental territory. This first studio full-length, originally released on the Sweatbox label in 1986, offers a more fully realized concept than the earlier live effort, The Delivery, as the influences of ancient cults and secret societies are added to the industrial jazz sound. The avant-jazz funk is still evident on tracks like "Balag Anti," but much of the album offers eerie, cavernous soundscapes in the Lustmord vein, with dripping and creaking noises or sinister distant voices, though ritualistic rhythms add a new dimension to this blend. Even more sinister, the piece "Pre-Eval" starts off with an ominous voice speaking about man and death. The narration becomes more distorted and chaotic with effects as the speaker draws deeper into Bataille-esque misanthropy until the track erupts into a dark funk groove, and than this eventually breaks down into a more savage tribal sound, to further emphasize the dark nature of man in the spoken words. Though not nearly as visceral, the rest of the album, from the spazzed-out jazz of "Chozzar Over Abyss" to the more ambient sections, is imbued with an incredibly sinister atmosphere for a cohesive work that is oddly beautiful.

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