Juca Novaes

Dez Anos

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AllMusic Review by Alvaro Neder

This release commemorates the tenth anniversary of the Festival de MPB de Tatuí (the Festival of Brazilian Popular Music of Tatuí, Sâo Paulo) with some of the winners: composers/interpreters Juca Novaes, Edu Santana, Rafael Altério, and the sensitive, warm Lucila Novaes. This is a good sample of the particular style known as música de festival (festival music) and of the unexplored universe of the always-healthy up-country Brazil, where music is continually produced regardless of the interest of major recording companies. This particular social situation shapes such music and strikes a listener with its singularity in regards to mainstream productions aired throughout the country. Here a delicate, melodic approach wins over pop/rock standards, and even rhythmic genres such as the samba ("Sou Mais Brasil" by Rafael Altério/Rita Altério) pays dues to the MPB tradition such as it was conceived in the '60s. Of course, such adherence to the past can also have a price, and all care must be taken by these authors to not excessively idealize a particular historic period, taking the whole for a part of it. Also, música de festival has its evident artistic limitations. Another important aspect to be considered is that of the unswallowed influences, as different composers (such as Oswaldo Montenegro and Milton Nascimento) show underneath these creations. But this kind of document will always appeal to those interested in exploring a different universe of this varied country/continent.