Aztec Camera

Deep & Wide & Tall

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A total disappointment. In his new chosen field, Roddy Frame could be a convincing soul singer, what with the tracks on Knife hinting at this. But this backing band... Three years ago, Frame had the best backing group around, with the Ruts' Dave Ruffy, Josef K's Malcom Ross, and Eddie Kulak and Campbell Owens. Now he's got a bunch of slick New Yawk studio players. This is progress? The airwaves are already filled with this drivel, only with less talented singers than Frame, and dumb lyrics instead of Frame's still-sharp word play. The live old songs on this and "How Men Are" are credible if no match for 1985's Backwards & Forwards live EP. One decent B-side, "Bad Education," is mostly just Roddy's guitar and voice, which he should get back to promptly, hopefully, please?