The Faint

Danse Macabre Remixes

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The Faint have brought together a widely varied bunch to remix the Danse Macabre record. There is a mix of straight-ahead dance music, experimental techno, and some mixes that stay within the bounds of new wave revivalism that the Faint so gladly take part in. The dancefloor contingent is led by Thin White Duke, whose mix of "The Conductor" is quite house-y, and Paul Oakenfold, whose mix of "Glass Danse" makes it sound like a lost Depeche Mode track -- a good lost Depeche Mode track. Of the more experimental remixes, the highlights are the Calculators' mix of "Posed to Death" -- it's laid-back and almost funky techno, making use of the original's vocals, twisting and molding them in strange ways -- and Photek's industrial hash of "Total Job," balancing the arch original vocal over the top of a throbbing, distorted beat. Medicine also turns in an interesting revamp of "Ballad," blending stately string sections, distorted vocals, and blippy synths into an affecting, emotional tune. The new wavers' charge is led by Ursula 1000's funky mix of "Your Retro Career Melted," which sounds like a Gang of Four outtake -- a good Gang of Four outtake. A couple of the mixes are pretty bland: Jagz Kooner's mix of "Agenda Suicide" is uneventful and Tommie Sunshine's mix of "Let the Poison Spill from Your Throat" uses some very boring guitars and obvious vocal effects. Despite these weak tracks, overall this is a solid record. Fans of the Faint will not be disappointed. The remixers didn't mix all of the band's unique style into oblivion; they left quite a bit. Devotees of electroclash-style techno and dance music will also find much here to enjoy.

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