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Dangerhouse Compilation, Vol. 2

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In 1977, there was an explosion of new rock & roll on the West Coast as a fresh breed of bands brought a fast, loud, angry but funny sound back to rock clubs in Los Angeles and San Francisco. The new sound was called punk rock, and while a growing number of bands and fans wanted to put punk on vinyl, most major record companies were frightened by the confrontational tone of the music, so two people on the L.A. scene, David Brown and Pat Garrett, formed their own independent label to record and release their favorite new bands. The label was called Dangerhouse Records, and it soon developed a reputation as the best punk imprint on the West Coast, issuing singles by many of the best bands in California and giving them the competent production they deserved. Dangerhouse Compilation, Vol. 2 is a collection of 12 classic punk tunes committed to tape by Dangerhouse between 1977 and 1979, featuring songs by some of the most iconic bands from California's first wave of punk. Selections include "We've Got the Neutron Bomb" by the Weirdos, "Babylonian Gorgon" by the Bags, "I Slept in an Arcade" by Black Randy & the Metrosquad, "Car Crash" by the Avengers, "Too Much Junk" by the Alley Cats, and "Adult Books" by X (the original recording, which was released three years before the version on X's second album, Wild Gift). [Dangerhouse Compilation, Vol. 2 is a cassette-only reissue of a collection released on CD and vinyl in 1992 as Dangerhouse, Vol. 2: Give Me a Little Pain.]