Robert Poss

Crossing Casco Bay

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Crossing Casco Bay is the second "companion" CD by Robert Poss. While it is every bit as experimental and existential as Distortion Is Truth, it is also completely different. The disc features two long-form (over 18 minutes) compositions and three shorter pieces. This instrumental set features Poss in a more ambient and minimalist mode. The long pieces are e-music bliss. Building atmospheres from a deep drone, Poss evokes bizarre imagery. He downplays the dissonance in favor of mechanical repetition and experimental skullduggery. These dark and dreary atmospheres are monotonous monotones (in minimalism, that is a good thing). This is certainly avant-garde, but it is also excellent electronic minimalism. This disc is destined to take its place among the greats of the genre. Only time will tell.