Un Drame Musical Instantané

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Crasse-Tignasse Review

by Rolf Semprebon

This was one of Un Drame Musical Instantane's later works, after founding member Francis Gorge had departed, replaced by percussionist Gerard Siracusa. The album consists of nine little stories sung in French by the musicians with musical accompaniment. They often use funny voices, everything from a Donald Duck-like garble to hyperactive shouts to a whining moan, and the accompanying music is often droll and humorous as well. It's much more song-oriented and lyric-based than the records from the early '80s, so a working knowledge of French is almost necessary to fully enjoy it. The music is nice and at times interesting with RIO touches here and there, but nothing as dramatic and dynamic as their best stuff from the early '80s. Crasse-Tignasse seems to be aimed at children, a light, bubbly conception that's still original and creative, though certainly nothing like what this avant-garde group was capable of in their prime.