Wendy Rule

Continental Isolation

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Wendy Rule's Continental Isolation EP offers two versions of the title song. The original 7:29 minute "Ethereal" version, with its rhythmic chanted interludes between verses and lighter more delicate vocals, is quite mystical and evocative. Yet equally enjoyable in its own right is the "Edit" version, which features increased percussion and a more compact, radio-friendly 4:35 length. The lyrics deal with the reversal of seasons between Northern and Southern Hemispheres, and its impact on seasonal holidays such as Samhain and Beltane. ("Solstices swapping to stress to this nation/its continental isolation.") At the artist's MP3.com website, editor Anthony Horan comments about the two versions: "Those interested in just what can be done with mastering will find an A/B comparison quite revealing. The opening bars of the edited version, incidentally, reveal how the song originally opened before the album's SFX intro was added during the mastering of that version." And, indeed, both versions merit repeat play. "Summertime" is a gently lilting performance, vocals delicately interwoven with violin, flute, guitar, and mandolin. It's another selection to savor in repeat play. Overall, it's just a taste of Rule's dramatic, expressive style, yet certainly one that will convert casual listeners to fans, and set them hoping for more from her.