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Though this album's claim to notoriety is the format in which it was recorded -- 5.1 DVD Surround Sound -- the untrained ear cannot pick out any differences when listening to it on a small stereo, or perhaps even on a larger one. That said, the album is worth listening to for its entertainment value alone. It is a small collection of songs (only five in total), but each one sounds completely different from the other (always a surprise on electronic albums) and each one is good. From a jazzy, down-tempo piece by Los Angeles' Josh One to a vaguely sci-fi hip-hop track by Divine Styler, this CD is full of catchy beats, smooth vocals, and cool sounds. Other contributors include Apl, Xilent Xage, and King Britt. Continuity is added by a female vocal loop that croons, "Open your mind/Pen your mind," throughout various parts of the album. The vinyl version of this release will probably get a lot of club play, but the CD version is great on its own. It's energetic enough to keep you interested, but mellow enough to play at work, at home, or just about anywhere else.