Jaye Foucher

Contagious Grooves

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On her album, Contagious Grooves, Jaye Foucher shows off her skills as a rock guitar virtuoso and creative genius. The first tune on the album, "What Comes Around," has the complex structure of tunes by such bands as Yes, Rush, ELP, and Moody Blues. The strength comes from the precise lead guitar riffs masterfully coloring the melody. What makes "Angst" so vibrant is the fact that the rhythm track is rooted so strongly in a continuing pattern, then it breaks quickly into another realm. Through all this the lead guitar continues to take the listener on an extensive trip through multiple phrases in dynamics and harmonics. The rhythm track that makes the foundation for "Zombieland" is solidly planted within the metal genre. The intro and basic structure of "Surreality" could easily fall in the jazz genre. There is a unique bridge where the tune changes phases after the bass guitar leads the change-over into a stronger rock feel. "Up Up & Insane" certainly adds variety and a pinch of spice to the album with it's electronica nuances that are tossed into the mix. The nuances bounce around and give the song a very playful feel that fits well with Jaye Foucher's unique guitar riffs. "My Own Abyss" serves to display the softer side of the artist, which is equally as attractive and charismatic. Though lighter in content, this is not what many would categorize as easy listening, and it still remains very much rock rooted, equally distant from the metal genre.

The guitar work is ace on this recording and leaves the listener wondering if Jaye Foucher has anything left in her bag of riffs, having already treated all to so much. This is an album that will leave many waiting for the next release with great anticipation.