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Connected Review

by Bret Love

Your opinion of this album is likely to be based almost entirely on your perception of what constitutes an enjoyable DJ mix. Do you prefer a series of songs composed mainly of repetitive bleeps and blips strung together, chosen for their constant BPM rate, to be used primarily for ecstasy-fueled rave marathons or driving at Daytona 500-like speeds down the highway? Or would you prefer a collection of songs strong enough to stand up on their own individual merits, nimbly sequenced to flow together seamlessly while each providing its own unique flavor? This 20-song, two-CD collection from superstar DJ Timo Maas is definitely geared towards those who fall into the former group, as you're a good five songs in when Kelli Ali's cooing vocals come in on Satoshi Tomiie's "Love in Traffic" before you realize that four virtually identical songs have already passed. It's not a bad mix per se, especially if you're more concerned with dancing or partying than paying close attention to the music -- the beats are uptempo, many of the grooves infectious (if a bit mind-numbing at times). But aside from songs like Fatboy Slim's "Star 69," Placebo's "Special K," and one or two others, very few of these tunes stand out in the mix. If the only purpose of Connected is to showcase Maas' skills as a DJ/remixer, then mission accomplished. But if you're looking for a techno mix that'll sound just as good through your headphones as it does on the dancefloor, you might wanna look elsewhere.

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