Paulo Moura

Con Sertão

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In 1982, a group of musicians, as diverse as could be, got together to record this album. Paulo Moura, a clarinetist/composer/arranger, was formed as a musician in the gafieiras; Arthur Moreira Lima is an internationally awarded classical pianist; Heraldo Do Monte is a jazz/Brazilian music guitarist and viola player; Elomar is a classically informed violão player who makes a point in propagating his peculiar music, strongly reminiscent of medieval tradition as was mixed with Northeastern culture.

Their declared motivation was to demonstrate the inventive diversity of the Brazilian musician. Composers, arrangers, and performers write or improvise music in Brazil that can be highly sophisticated and delicate, being always lively.

The songs, predominantly of a modal nature, are enhanced in their medieval quality by Moreira Lima's clavichord. In spite of the open form, the structure is kept even under collective improvisation, forming a coherent unitary whole. Undoubtedly, the true Brazilian spirit.