The Stooges

Complete Raw Mixes

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The Stooges' fan club released some excellent albums, and some absolute garbage. This is one of the latter, a compilation of cuts largely drawn from three earlier Raw Mix titles, all pretending to offer previously unheard glimpses into the recording of the first three Stooges albums -- The Stooges, Fun House, and Raw Power. In fact, they are nothing of the sort; rather, they take the familiar LP versions and simply mess with them -- turning the volume up and down, twisting the balance back and forth, upping the bass and lowering the treble. Occasionally a more complicated effect might heave into view, but not one of those albums was anything that the average monkey with access to a half-decent studio couldn't create, and that is exactly what this sounds like. Ignore it, despise it, do anything you like to it. But please don't waste your money on it.