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In 1996, Philippine singer Pops Fernandez released Colours. Fernandez is a popular television/film personality, and has much name recognition throughout the Philippines. She is also called the country's "Concert Queen" because of her ability to draw large crowds to her singing engagements. Listening to Colours, however, one wonders how she ever became the "Concert Queen." Her voice sounds thin and weak. It's obvious that Fernandez put much effort into the album, and she tries to arouse passion, but the weakness of her voice doesn't allow the songs to fully bloom. In addition, she sings in a higher range than necessary throughout the album, which also makes her vocals sound thin.

Fernandez's voice is stronger on the closing ballad, "A Reason to Believe," where she stays more in the middle register where she is more comfortable. There is also a certain warmth missing; the songs sound a bit calculated and cold. They're rooted in MOR, but they have a modern edge that ranges from upbeat, swinging tunes, as heard in "Something About You" and "Sana'y Ma-traffic Muli" (trans: I Hope I Hit Traffic Again), to pensive balladry, as heard in "On My Own" and "Time Will Come."

The songwriting appears to be strong when one looks beneath the weak vocals, but it's often difficult to tell. The musicianship throughout is excellent, and the production is first-rate, but it goes largely unnoticed. According to the label, sales of Colours fell short of expectations.