Cold Spaghetti Western

The Wiggles

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Cold Spaghetti Western Review

by Johnny Loftus

For Cold Spaghetti Western (Ha! Get it?), Anthony Field, Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt, and Greg Page get out the bandannas, western shirts, and Stetsons for a ride on "The Wiggly Trail," as well as other adventures. Opener "We're the Cowboys" is a nice country & western singalong; it also introduces the "Yee-HAH!" and "Yipeee!" western whoops that pepper Cold Spaghetti Western. "Master Pasta Maker (From Italy)" introduces an Italian chef friend of the Wiggles'; he sings in Italian as the track gets faster and faster, and continues the Italian lessons through the funny introduction to "Follow the Bird." "Hey Now, Let's Have a Party!" is a nice mix of Caribbean and Latin styles, and "Fiesta Siesta" teaches kids the Spanish words for both party and nap. Cold Spaghetti's best moments feature Wiggles guests Fernando and Fernandito Moguel. The Moguels speak mostly Spanish during their introductions, but despite only minimal translation from the Wiggles, they're remarkably easy to understand. They perform the Mexican traditionals "Cielito Lindo" and "El Pato," furthering the international flair of the Wiggles' western trek. But it's their conversations that are key, since they become subtle lessons in linguistics for curious kids.

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