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That this is the fourth single off Everyone's Got One (since even '93's "Bellyache" on the Pandemonium label made it to the '94 LP) is pure over-kill (what is this, Thriller?), particularly as "Close...But" is not one of that fine album's high points (to think, neither of the two most exciting tracks, "Today Tomorrow Sometime Never," and "Father, Ruler, King, Computer" were chosen for singles!). Worse, none of these three B-sides comes to close to "essential purchase" material. "So La Di Da" is a tame number that lacks a winning chorus, and the two Steve Lamacq BBC Live versions of "I Can't Imagine the World Without Me" and "Cold Feet Warm Heart" are trod-over-already ground, though it must be said that both are way more malicious than their studio counterparts, as the power-guitars are far less polite. Lastly, and alarmingly, I'm starting to get tired of Sonya Madan's limited Debbie Harry voice with successive plays. Oh no...