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Don't try to deny it -- before Brothomstates stepped in, Warp had an inflation. Looking at their releases in the beginning of the 2000s makes the fact clear that Warp hasn't really released anything groundbreaking so far. So it's very nice to see that there are still some new artists on Warp who refuse to follow the traditional concept of the late '90s and instead try to bring something new to the genre. Brothomstates (born Lassi Nikko) is not just a very productive artist. Nikko's Warp debut, Qtio, showed just a small part of his innovative concepts. Claro, however, goes further. This album is based more on conventional electronica, but instead of bringing something new to the genre, Nikko has manipulated the basis of his music. This sounds very good indeed, since the sound is so full and there are no gaps of any kind in the music. The only bad thing about Claro is that it is way too long when considering its content. It is almost impossible to listen to through the first time. But then again, that's because Claro offers something truly new and it takes a while to digest it all. Claro can be recommended to anyone who has an interest in electronica or new music.

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