Chinese Folk Songs

Linna Gong

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Chinese Folk Songs Review

by Adam Greenberg

Excellent as a modernized primer of Chinese folk songs, but perhaps a bit difficult for new listeners, this collection from singer Gong Linna covers a range of regional stylings in traditions that are quickly on their way out with the rise of urbanization and modern living in China. After Gong devoted time to music in a pseudo-traditional format, her passion for authentic folk songs was awakened, leading to intensive traveling throughout the more remote portions of China in search of the fading traditional works. This album collects much of the result from that traveling period. While most of the regions of China are touched upon during the course of the album, the focus is on the provinces of Gansu, Jiangsu, Guizhou, and Shanxi. Her vocals range from contemplative to forced patter songs, but always hold an artificially nasal quality (common to Chinese song, but perhaps played up even more with Gong's delivery). In the slower numbers, the vocal style works well to impart a sense of place and time with its traditional connotations. In the faster numbers, though, it can be overwhelming at best. Although not for the weak of heart, this album is academically worthy given its breadth.

Track Listing

Sample Title/Composer Performer Time Stream
1 Linna Gong feat: Gong Linna / Zou Xikou 03:31 Amazon
2 Linna Gong feat: Gong Linna / Molihua 02:40 Amazon
3 Linna Gong feat: Gong Linna / Wu Geng Yue 04:09 Amazon
4 Linna Gong feat: Taohua Hong Xinghua Bai / Gong Linna 02:18 Amazon
5 Linna Gong feat: Fang Fengzhang / Gong Linna 03:56 Amazon
6 Linna Gong feat: Pangxie Ge / Gong Linna 01:27 Amazon
7 Linna Gong feat: Pan Ge / Gong Linna 03:05
8 Linna Gong feat: Xixi Lazi / Gong Linna 02:20 Amazon
9 Linna Gong feat: Bai Ge Gan Chang / Gong Linna 01:32 Amazon
10 Linna Gong feat: Haohua Hong / Gong Linna 03:17 Amazon
11 Linna Gong feat: Diudiutong / Gong Linna 02:16 Amazon
12 Linna Gong feat: Gong Linna / Molihua 05:58 Amazon
13 Linna Gong feat: Xiu Hebao / Gong Linna 03:01 Amazon
14 Linna Gong feat: Xiao Biaomei / Gong Linna / Robert Zollitsch 03:21 Amazon
15 Linna Gong feat: Gong Linna / Shangqu Gaoshan Wanpingchuan 01:40 Amazon
16 Linna Gong feat: Galaohan / Gong Linna 01:26 Amazon
17 Linna Gong feat: Gong Linna / Huanghe Chuan Fu Qu 03:09 Amazon
18 Linna Gong feat: Gong Linna / Wu Ge Fang Yang 04:14 Amazon
19 Linna Gong feat: Gong Linna / Yang Liu Qing 03:00 Amazon
20 Linna Gong feat: Baoleng Diao / Gong Linna 02:06 Amazon
21 Linna Gong feat: Fengyang Huagu / Gong Linna 02:49 Amazon
22 Linna Gong feat: Hua Fei Hua / Gong Linna / Bai Ju Yi 03:33 Amazon
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