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Another in Chamillionaire's seemingly endless string of mixtapes, Chamilitary is also a fine loss-leader compilation of the artists signed to the rapper/producer's label of the same name. After a statement of purpose intro track that's also an excellent example of Chamillionaire's own mic skills, the album is mostly a showcase for Rasaq and 50/50 (who gets five solo tracks of his own). Both of them are solid rappers, each with a more than adequate presence and flow, but the irony of the album is that even without trying to, Chamillionaire's mixture of skills, production savvy, and charisma tends to overshadow his protégés. His solo tracks "Get Outta Here" and "Roll wit Me" are the album's highest points, the latter built on a thin, needly arrangement that enhances the starkness of the lyrics. It might be a label sampler, but Chamilitary mostly plays up the label head's talents instead of that of his signings.