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ChalkZone: In the Zone

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The soundtrack to Nickolodeon's ChalkZone series -- which revolves around the adventures of Rudy Tabootie, his magic piece of chalk, his best friend Penny, and his chalk-drawn sidekick Snap -- features songs from the show, including the theme song "Rudy's Got the Chalk" and "Comin' to Life," which helps explain how Rudy's magic chalk allows him to enter the ChalkZone. While most of the songs are inspired by funk and rock, several of them, such as the Latin-tinged "Escucha Mi Corazon" and country-based "Amazin' River," add a nice bit of diversity to the music. Tracks like "Skrawl's Song," "Rapunzel," and "Bushel Full o' Yum" are so energetic that they could be annoying if they were any longer, but fortunately ChalkZone: In the Zone's short running time doesn't outstay its welcome or demand too much of short attention spans. While it helps to be a ChalkZone fan to appreciate this album, the music is fun and playful enough to appeal to young children in general.