Bullfrogs & Butterflies, Pt. 1

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Bullfrogs & Butterflies, a catchy title for such a joyous and delightful record, brings to children a classic production of enlightening tunes of the Christian faith. Created, composed, and arranged by members of the Christian group Candle, the melodies are fresh, simple, and cordial, bringing spirit and new life to those who listen, young and old. On this charming record for parents, children, and family, "Welcome to Agapeland" introduces the listener to the world of happiness, sunshine, and faith. Agapeland is akin to the dream world for those wishing to find God and his gifts to all of creation, and His blessings to the human race. "Good Morning" is certainly the perfectly constructed melody to wake up the kids for school, complete with roosters. "I Like Knowing God the Best" is soulful and merry. "Rainy Day Song" reminds the young that they can still find God during the rainiest of days. "Practice Makes Perfect" is filled with humor, wit, and a spark of sincerity. The record's title track, "Bullfrogs and Butterflies," is by far the rockabilly tune of the bunch. The epic poem, song, and narration of "Noah" tells the story of God's re-creation of the earth in a catchy way. An album filled with grace and youthful exuberance, this is perfect for the family record collection, and can be more easily found at a Christian music store than most larger retail outlets. Shorty Rogers arranged the strings, with producer Mike Deasy doing much of the guitars and lead vocals. The stars of the record, the Agapeland Prep School Children's Choir, should not be dismissed. They seem to sing with such faith and flair. Barry McGuire sets an honest and enticing tone to the production, while doing the narrating duties.