Innerzone Orchestra

Bug in the Bassbin

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Originally released as half of a double pack along with Planet E's first compilation Intergalactic Beats, the Bug in the Bass Bin 12" is easily one of techno's most important releases because in sounding so different from anything else "techno" it helped to push out the boundaries of what techno could be. Apparently if you heard it in 1992 and played it at 45 rpm, then you heard a very early drum'n'bass record. However, listening to the track at the arguably correct speed of 33 rpm was no less inspiring. Produced by Carl Craig, "Bug in the Bass Bin" is an alien funk gem with a unique two-bar loop of a couple of different sampled breakbreaks, a deep bassline, and a high line directly referencing the disco classic "Let No Man Put Asunder." Though the two B-sides "Nitwit" and "Surreal" are usually criminally under-hyped, they are just as timeless and bizarre as the flip side. "Nitwit" is a soaring dance track that incorporates a couple of Craig's trademarks of breakbeats and a highly textured synth riff into some of the conventions of Detroit techno rhythm programming. "Surreal" closes out this indispensable landmark record and is probably Craig's most aptly titled track. The high synth line pitch bends in such a bizarre timbre and close repetition to be instantly hypnotic, while the orchestral stabs and funky breakbeat-down commands the dance. This 12" is one of the rarest things in techno -- a flawless record of uncompromising creativity.