Break It Up


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Break It Up Review

by Jack Rabid

This posthumous release is not a great metal record like How We Rock. Where are those guitar blasts that sound like a thruway being built? Still, you have to wonder about all these former hardcore bands that have gone metal in the last two years, and unapologetically so, even though this is probably the only one that even did it remotely well. Was it that they were only punks for a while because it was "cool" and easy, and soon reverted to their conventional normal selves? And really, they were never smart enough to really dive into an alternative way of living/thinking, but just made it all a new buddy-buddy high-school clique scene? That aside, these guys were one of the first on the hardcore scene, and when they were good, they actually were good, putting Boston punk on the map, so we'll always have to give them that.