Kelly Howell

Brain Synch Series

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Kelly Howell has been active in the mind-expansion field since the early '80s, and these tapes are now used worldwide in hospitals, stress and biofeedback clinics, and in substance-abuse centers. These effective tapes produce similar or better results than some of the rather expensive "mind machines" on the market. The process used in achieving the more meditative, highly aware states of alpha and theta, and the deep, healing delta state is called "brain entrainment," wherein the brain will attempt to "mirror," or fall into pace, with one's major focus of sensory awareness....Howell uses a highly advanced mixture of electronically produced sounds, chords, and tones, some of which combine to produce "binaural beat frequencies", which is, simply put, the unique talent of the brain to perceive the difference between two tones as a third and dominant tone or vibration. After listening to this frequency for a while, the brain will fall into step, or become "entrained" with the eight hertz frequency, and you will begin to experience a deep alpha state of relaxation, visualization, and creativity.