Neol Davies

Box of Blues

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Neol Davies displays another side of himself with this creative album of blues lead guitar licks and blues vocal expressions. Far from the two tone ska sound that has for so long been his signature cry for fame, he easily flows with fluidity into the blues genre. His seasoned experience as a musician lends a gracefulness to his playing, but it is the creative genius in the artist that brings the strength to the album. The partnership with Horace Panter, who displays creative genius in his improv-style bass chops, and the precise percussion from Anthony Harty only strengthen the charismatic elements of the album. The album starts off with, "this time it is for real," which is a rockin' blues number, via some screaming lead guitar riffs and a sound that feels very "live." Neol Davies' vocal style on "This Time It Is for Real" is clean and melodic, not the rough and gritty style all too commonly heard in the blues genre. The lyrics are contagious and memorable, flowing with ease between the well-balanced instrumental accentuations. With echoes of Jimi Hendix, Robin Trower, Jimmy Page, and the few masters of creative guitar genius, "Paradise Revisited" hypnotizes and magnetizes the listener. Neol Davies has allowed all to enjoy another side of his creative genius with his hypnotic guitar work in the blues genre. He, along with the fantastic rhythm section of Horace Panter and Anthony Harty, have blessed blues fans with another gem to add to their treasured library of classics. Box of Blues easily fits in the niche with albums from other masters of the blues. Just file it in any favorite "box of blues."