Blue Sky Mind


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Blue Sky Mind Review

by Eduardo Rivadavia

By jamming 16 songs into their 1996 debut, Blue Sky Mind (ok, nearly half of these were originally demos that were added to later pressings), Canadians Sheavy tried to make up for their lack of experience and creative maturity with sheer heft. To the band's credit, while most stoner cum doom metal acts of the mid-90s seemed to owe their entire existence to the recent releases by Kyuss (and, to a lesser a degree, Monster Magnet), Sheavy cut out the middlemen and headed straight to the source: Black Sabbath. That is, if you only judge them by singer Steve Hennessy, whose Ozzy impersonation is so perfect as to be positively creepy. But, in actual fact, Sheavy has a lot more to offer than re-hashed Sabbath dirges, and highlights such as "Mountains of Madness," "Cosmic Overdrive," and "First" (essentially their first composition) rock out quite convincingly. The instrumental "The Gun-it Jam" locks into some bluesy/spacey grooves, and acoustic numbers like "Domelight" and "Sea of Tomorrow" offer some mellow moments to boot. A pretty decent start, Blue Sky Mind paved the way for sounds that would find ever better expression on Sheavy's subsequent releases.