Chris Morris

Blue Jam

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Ladies and gentlemen, you are floating in farce. And Chris Morris wouldn't have it any other way. But first, the back-story: After his vicious, satirical television shows The Day Today and Brass Eye were cancelled, BBC's Radio 1 bought up his new series of dark, comedic ambient sketches entitled Blue Jam. This album collects the highlights. So to speak. From skits about evil four-year-olds, knob harmony, and a couple who is so apathetic that their only worry over their kidnapped son is whether or not to cancel the baby sitter -- all wrapped in a fug of electronic accompaniment by the likes of Aphex Twin and Brian Eno -- the jokes here are as black as soot. Think Steven Soderbergh's Schizopolis or those censored skits from The Kids in the Hall. Abhorrent tragi-comedy that would leave absurdists green with envy. Especially with ironic pillow talk like "Push your balls up my nose." Terrifying. Deeply hilarious. Like John Waters, you may often find Morris childish and repellant -- but you're glad he's out there.

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