Bloom Ascension

Steve Roach

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Bloom Ascension Review

by Paul Simpson

Steve Roach designed Bloom Ascension to fit the time constraints of the vinyl LP format -- the label side of the compact disc even mimics the look of a vinyl record. As such, the album is focused and concise, with each of the four pieces moving at a natural, fluid pace. Spontaneously developed in Roach's home studio, the selections cut to the chase and hone in on the most exciting moments of his improvisations. The title and artwork couldn't be more appropriate for this music, as it feels like endlessly blooming artificial wildlife. The soft, swirling arpeggios and light, steady sweeps are joined by soft, pattering IDM beats at some moments, accenting the music's ever-expanding forward momentum without making it feel like it's trapped inside a rhythmic grid. The album's title track is its longest and final piece, and it's the most immersive one, sounding like it required the deepest amount of concentration from the composer. It also seems designed to lull the listener into a dream state more than the other pieces, as it's much softer and gentler, yet still highly vivid and active. The entire LP sounds impeccable, with every minute detail sounding clear and distinct, constantly massaging the soul and inspiring the imagination.

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