Butthole Surfers

Blind Eye Sees All, Live 1985

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Originally released during the mid-'80s on video cassette, the Butthole Surfers' Blind Eye Sees All, Live 1985 was reissued on DVD in 2002. Recorded at a Detroit club while on tour in support of their full-length debut, Psychic...Powerless...Another Man's Sac, the 80-minute release is a fine snapshot of the Butthole Surfers during their formative stage -- in all their whacked-out, drug-induced glory. You'll find versions of such early Butthole Surfers classics as "The Shah Sleeps in Lee Harvey's Grave," "Bar-be-que Pope," "Cowboy Bob," "Dum Dum," and "Lady Sniff," while frontman Gibby Haynes shows why many consider him to be one of rock's most unpredictable and quirky performers (whether it be singing into a megaphone, performing nude, making a mess of the stage, etc.). Also intercut throughout Blind Eye Sees All, Live 1985 are nonsensical interviews with the group (while all are laying in bed). Several DVD special features are featured as well, including a karaoke section, an audio/photo gallery, and a bonus live track from 1991.