Blossom Toes

Black Light Vision

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It may be that this obscure bootleg -- not the only Blossom Toes bootleg, believe it or not -- will appeal only to those already familiar with the band, since the sound quality isn't great, and since a good deal of the songs are available on better-fidelity studio versions. If you are a fan of Blossom Toes' two fine late-'60s psychedelic albums, though, this is quite interesting, and the sound quality is not poor enough to discourage rewarding listening. Nine of the 13 tracks are taken from 1968-1969 BBC broadcasts, and feature good versions, sometimes substantially different, of four songs from their second LP. There's also a BBC take of "Love Is," a cut from their debut album, with a radically different and perhaps superior arrangement featuring beautiful flute, vibes, and Mellotron work, as well as a notably slower tempo and more somber interpretation. Of the other BBC cuts, "New Day" didn't show up until the odd post-Blossom Toes project B.B. Blunder in 1970; the poppy "Collects Little Girls" and the pastoral "Ever Since a Memory" did not show up on any official Blossom Toes releases; and "I'll Be Your Baby Tonight" was, in its official guise, just a non-LP track. The official single version of the rare "I'll Be Your Baby Tonight" is here too, as well as their two other non-LP songs, "Postcard" and "Everybody's Leaving Me Now." These are good to have (and "Everybody's Leaving Me Now" is an outstanding pop-psych number), but it should be noted that they've obviously been dubbed from discs with a good amount of surface noise, and that "Postcard" and "Everybody's Leaving Me Now" at least did show up in much better fidelity on the official double-LP compilation Collection. There's also the long "Captain Trips Jam," recorded live in Sweden in 1967, though that was issued on a bootleg of their Swedish concert material from the era back in the 1980s.