The Dave Clark Five

Bits & Pieces [DVD]

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Although a Japanese address is given on the back of this DVD, the packaging (not to mention the esoteric nature of the release) could make one inclined not to automatically assume that this is an authorized compilation. It certainly seems that Dave Clark himself was likely unaware of this production, which assembles nearly an hour of mid-'60s Dave Clark Five clips. These are mostly taken from television shows, although there's also a 1964 Pathe Newsreel in which they do a couple of songs, as well as the two scenes in which they performed in Get Yourself a College Girl. Given the general scarcity of deep catalog items of any sort for the DC5, the mere existence of such a video anthology -- in pretty good quality for the most part, if not 100% of what it might be in a perfect world -- is cause for some celebration. Every one of their big hits from "Glad All Over" through "You Got What It Takes" is represented here (sometimes more than once), and the disc concludes with a slightly strange "medley" in which excerpts of several big hits are played to footage of the band working in the studio and goofing around outdoors. Why, though, is it not as exciting as it might be? Well, virtually all of this is lip-synced, not live. Maybe they're doing some or all of the instrumentation in a clip or three here (it seems like the version of "Come Home" might be totally live), but if so, it's not obvious (and much of it is obviously mimed to the record). Also, as good as those Dave Clark Five hits were, the group weren't all that exciting to look at as a stage act, if unflaggingly cheerful in a very mainstream British Invasion manner.