Bitin Si Honey

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Philippine male rapper Quickie probably doesn't see the irony in thanking the Lord for being able to make his debut album, the raunchy, sex-drenched Bitin Si Honey (Honey Is Not Satisfied). The album's 12 songs contain either double entendres of a sexual nature or out-and-out sexual explicitness. Paving the way for the release of this album was the success of local rapper Andrew E. and his double entendre-filled, explicit albums. In addition, the success of local rap group Salbakuta also primed the pump; the group's hit single, "S2PID LUV," may not have been sexual, but a lot of material on the rest of the album sure was. So here Quickie is rapping on the title song, "Bitin Si Honey" (Honey Is Not Satisfied), about a marathon sex session with a girl so horny that he needs an energy drink to keep up with her demands. On "Ang Alin" (The What) he raps about a "dog" that stands up and gets hard when it sees a certain girl, and enjoys being held and stroked until saliva flows from its mouth. It's not hard to put a sexual connotation to this song, nor to "Ang Baboy" (The Pig), which is about a guy who enjoys pulling down his pants in front of girls. Masturbation is intimated at, and the song explains that the guy's actions cause a "release" that makes the floor wet and slippery. Although masturbation isn't directly stated, only an idiot wouldn't get the point of the song. Throughout the album, a young girl accompanies Quickie and supplies many of the sexually oriented words and phrases. She is also shown on the cover in various stages of undress, which includes a picture where she holds a big hot dog to Quickie's mouth. It is a shame that Philippine record companies release such unredeemable albums in order to make money.