Bitchin' Wheels

Bitchin' Wheels

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This album was a dream of Scott Phillips for over 15 years, and now he has come to realize his dream with Bitchin' Wheels. Bitchin' Wheels is an album that screams of originality and unique musical expression, while at times alternately displays varied musical influences, all of which makes for an interesting, entertaining piece of artistic conveyance. The high-energy drumming sets the foundation for the explosive tune "Hollywood Killed Elvis." The melodic tone in the vocal structure creates an even balance with the power chord progression of the crunch rhythm guitar. The reverb-strengthened lead guitar licks add yet another dimension to the stimulating aural packaging of "Hollywood Killed Elvis." The pop energy in "Squatter Girl" is a positive turn-on, with some great harmony backup vocals and instrumental nuances that add depth as well as color. With a '60s quality, leaning on a Beatlesque style, the charismatic factor is on an era sound, fashioned with original intonations. "Carbon Based World" is the best song on the album, with some powerful bass guitar phrases that are embellished with acoustic rhythm guitar, funky electric lead guitar licks, piano riffs, tight drumming, and some great vocals. Again, coming with a '60s quality of clean rock-based stylings, "Carbon Based World" will certainly appeal to the boomer generation and others into that groove. Bitchin' Wheels is at their best when presenting material of this type. For originality, "I'll Do It Someday" takes first place when considering the entire contents of the album. Every part of the instrumental nuances are precisely focused on the melody line, leaving no room for expansion or improvisation. Some may see this as negative element in the structure of the song, while others may be able to appreciate the creative genius that Scott Phillips has shown in breaking off from traditional songwriting. Either way there is no argument that "I'll Do It Someday" is a unique piece of work. On the opening notes of "My Life Is Most Perfect," one cannot help but feel the rock anthem nature of a Billy Joel influence come shining through. As "My Life Is Most Perfect" gets cooking, the Billy Joel feel remains but the Scott Phillips signature sound bleeds through with a pleasant force.

Although it took 15 years for this album to find it's way into the hands of music lovers, many will certainly agree that this is one album that was well worth the wait. All will share the opinion that hopefully the next album from Bitchin' Wheels will not take as long to materialize.

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