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Biomekano Review

by Fran├žois Couture

Biomekano is a strong album of experimental ambient electronica that brings the Norwegian duo Information back to their roots after a sidestepping journey in experimental CD composition (the randomized 99 tracks of their previous album were not completely satisfying). The ten pieces presented here have a certain pop charm buried underneath the sound processing and looped digital beats. If the music doesn't cross new barriers, it also avoids pushing experimentation for the sake of it. The textures are constantly clever, relevant, and subsumed to the enjoyment of the tune. Information performs a nice balancing act between a certain bounciness ("This Low-Rise City," "Tropical Investigation") and that distinct icy Nordic feel listeners have come to expect from productions released on Rune Grammofon. Then again, the coldness never turns into alienation. It derives from sleek production and a certain level of detachment. Fans of Biosphere, si-cut.db, Tomas Jirku, or even early Pan Sonic will appreciate its suitability as both a living room album and something to move to. By the label's standards, this album is much easier to get into and can therefore offer a nice point of entry. For regulars it can feel a bit modest.

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