Hervé Provini

Biological & Chaotic Music

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Biological & Chaotic Music is Switzerland drummer and computer programmer Hervé Provini's first record. His music is a hybrid of improvisation and technology, of human inspiration and mathematical means. Provini programs algorithms emulating quadratic equations, chaos theory, even biological structures like genes and cells. These algorithms are then applied to music in the form of a computerized piano shaping its music to the mathematical structures provided. Provini then adds live (as in human) drums. And that's where it gets interesting: in the dialectics happening between the programmed machine and the improvising drummer. The rhythm structures Provini develops are both highly complex and technically challenging. His playing brings the human touch and the live effect needed to counterbalance the rather harsh computer piano playing. On "Genetic Music" and on "Chaotic Music II," as the listener gets the impression that the piece will split in every possible direction, the drums manage to keep everything in focus and lead the way. Provini's drumming is mostly derived from the rock idiom, something unexpected in this kind of avant-garde improv but that's how he manages to give his music an impressive backbone. Biological & Chaotic Music is a very interesting first step and showcases Provini in improvisations structured over medium-length time frames (eight to 16 minutes). The second installment of his computer trilogy, Musique Nucléaire (released in 2000), will focus on short improvisations with a human pianist and a computer-controlled piano.

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